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Hello, I am Anne Delaney-Hoelscher, also known as "Annie the Clown". When Parents call to inquire about "Annie the Clown" and what I have to offer for children's birthday parties or special events, I am sure that they do not expect for me to give them so much information about how I perform for children and what I have to offer for their children.
I am not an expert on children, but I have observed children at parties and events for over 16 years and I have three children of my own. I also absolutely love what I do. I love being "Annie the Clown" and enjoying your children's laughter almost as much as you do! If I didn't love what I do, I would find it really hard to be entering my 17th year of Clowning.

I want you to get a feel of who I am and why I love being "Annie the Clown". I hope that I can accomplish that for you. I want you to know a little about who is going to be at your child's birthday party. I believe that for the safety of all of our children, we should know who is going to be coming into our living rooms or backyards even if it is only for one hour. And for that reason, I will tell you why I became..."Annie the Clown"
I also highly recommend getting references from every children's entertainer thatyou call...including me. So please call me for references!
I became "Annie" for a very important reason...children. My children and your children. "Annie the Clown" was born on November 14, 1986. My son was turning three and was having his very first "playgroup" buddy birthday party. I called some clowns in the yellowpages and I was disappointed when they didn't sound as enthusiastic as I was about my son's very first birthday party with his friends. I wanted a clown that loved children and would be happy to perform for ten 2 & 3 year matter how sticky they were. I wanted a clown that my son would remember. I wanted a clown that would be warm, friendly and funny. I wanted a clown that really wanted to be there! Not only did the Clowns that I called sound less than enthusiastic, but when I asked for references, they all said that they would get back to me. None of the four clowns that I called that afternoon got back to me.
I don't know what got into me, that I thought that I could be a clown, but to make a long story a tad shorter.. I took a crash "Self taught" course in clowning. At the time I had no idea that clown schools even existed, so I read every book in the library on clowning and bought a bag of balloons and a video on Balloon animals. I entertained my children for weeks with a house full of balloon doggies. I don't think a day went by that my children weren't walking around clutching a balloon doggie in their chubby little fingers.
Armed with a rubber chicken, a large pair of goofy sunglasses and a gross of animal balloons...I performed for the very first time as "Annie theClown" for my son, Ryan and his friends. Nervous energy must have come through quite well for me that day because not only did I fall in love with clowning but my son and his friends fell in love with "Annie."

Over a decade later..."Annie the Clown" has since graduated from Clown School, won several awards in both costume character and performance, taught clowning for an elementary drama class in Westfield, NJ, was guest speaker at Alley 51 on "Entertainment Animals, the care and treatment of", was one of the lead clowns in the Sussex County "Welcome Home Parade" for the heroes of Desert Storm, headlined in the Performing Arts tent on children's day at the Sussex County Fair filling the tent to standing room only for several years, face painted at the Meadowlands Fair & two years ago, I was asked to Face Paint at the Spice Girls concert and most recently for the N'Sync Concert and the All That Tour for Nickelodeon at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Just recently, we performed at PNC Bank Arts Center for the Britney Spears concert & the All That Music and More Festival for Nickelodeon!

Annie with her animals

"Annie the Clown" has also performed for delighted audiences at over 1000 parties!

When I first started clowning, I wanted everything to be perfect. I won Awards as a "White Face" Clown in impeccably starched and pressed costuming, loads of white makeup carefully applied and a Yak wig meticulously styled to perfection. Even though I would get ooooooo's and ahhhhhhh's when I walked into a room and delighted most children with my character, there was always a little one who would kinda stand by mom or dad and look a little frightened of this stranger disguised in Clown. I wanted ALL children to LOVE "Annie the Clown."
Several years ago, I became adventurous and toned down the make up, reduced the bulky costuming, tossed the Yak wig in the closet and created the Character of "Annie" that I perform as today. "Annie" is a refreshing, hysterically funny and kid friendly clown. She appeals to all ages especially preschoolers. Children today are intelligent. They want a clown who challenges their intelligence with fantastic Magic, who makes them laugh till their tummies hurt and in her spare time, tie a loose shoe lace, asking, "Would you like that knot, double or the regular old way?"

Thank you for taking the time to read about "Annie the Clown". Please call me if you need references or to book or plan your party. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

"Annie theClown" is an advocate of children surfing the web for
education and fun...Please surf the web with your children.

(This is a public service announcement of "Annie the Clown")
Smiles Guaranteed!

To book or plan a party or to request references or more info, please call:

Office: (732) 415-8504 Cell: (908) 907-5904 Jackson, NJ

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