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Bill Milbrodt tells stories. Through video, photography, music, and
     sound. A little off the beaten path, but always distinctive and
Engage People. Let Bill weave a tale for you.
How do you turn a car into music?
8-4-2-1  Car Music Project  (02:54)
Right, Bill Milbrodt and the Car Music Project perform outdoors at Lincoln Center, New York, on instruments made from the parts of his car.

     From a video news story about a New Jersey bartender school to a commercial
      for a voice artist that features a talking hot dog. From the unique tones of his
          Car Music Project to educational music with the sounds of real whale song.
Bill noodles with the language of media, always
looking for interesting ways to engage people.
Diggety Dog Copyright. 2014. Milbrodt. •  The Car Music Project: Created by Bill Milbrodt. Musicians: Eric Haltmeier, David Homan, James Spotto, William Trigg, Wilbo Wright. Car part instruments created for Bill Milbrodt by Raymond Faunce. Photo by Walter Kania.  "8-4-2-1" Copyright. 2005 and 2006. Milbrodt.